Flames Shieldmaidens Roster Update

After the transfer of Nayomy and Qiyarah to NiP and removing nayay from the active roster in Flames Shieldmaidens; we are now proud to present our revamped line-up for the upcoming season. Head of Esports, Philip Karsbøl, shares his thoughts on the process: 

“Talent discovery and fostering players’s development has always been a trademark of Copenhagen Flames. The sale of Naomi and Kiara is yet another example that we at Copenhagen Flames are experts at exactly this. Since they first joined Copenhagen Flames in August, they have worked hard and developed enormously. We had hoped that they would continue their journey with us for longer, but sometimes opportunities arise that you feel compelled to accept. We are forever grateful for Kiara and Naomi’s efforts and performance in the Flames. 

Their departure gave us the opportunity to reflect on how we could build a competitive team again. Unfortunately we are forced to say goodbye to nayay due to her job situation. Naja has worked hard and developed a lot; and she has contributed massively both on and off the server. We wish her all the best in the future. 

Since we wanted to preserve our Danish core, it was paramount that we could find a player with a Danish passport. I had no doubt at all that we should have Zygimage on board. Nicoline is a bright young talent with lots of courage and firepower, and we look forward to shaping her and unlocking her great potential. 

Due to nayay’s departure, we felt it was necessary to find a player with great communication skills to fill that gap. Here we decided that Emerald was a perfect match. In a short time, she has shown her worth and helps Anna with the tactical aspects. 

Last player to complete our roster is aiM. Mia does not have much experience playing in a team but she develops quickly; she is extremely well-considered in the way she plays, in addition to coming in with a lot of firepower.”

We’re excited to see the new Flames Shieldmaidens on the server – first match is our first ESEA Open game on Wednesday January 18th at 21:30 CET.