Flames Leave League of Legends

Copenhagen Flames seizes our operations within the League of Legends scene.
After just over a year of featuring one of the nordics best League of Legends teams, our involvement in the title comes to an end.

Director of esport, Daniel Vorborg explains
“We’ve decided to shut down our League of Legends department, at least for now, due to several reasons. This last year, we’ve wanted to be a part of generating a more stable League of Legends scene in Denmark. We wanted to bring more resources to the scene, more long-term commitments between teams and players, and hopefully some attention as well. Overall we don’t believe we’ve succeeded with this goal, as the viewer ratings in the danish scene is down over the last 3 and 6 months.

It’s a sad day for me, as League of Legends hold a dear spot in my heart, as it got me started on my esports journey, but as of right now we cannot defend spending our resources on this title. Maybe in the future, it will make sense for us to re-enter League of Legends, as we keep monitoring the scene.

Moving forward we will instead have focus on our CS:GO and Fortnite rosters, while also supporting Laske in his Smash journey.”

Throughout the last year, our League of Legends division managed the following results:

LCD Autumn 2018 regular season 1st place

LCD Autumn 2018 playoffs 2nd place

LCD Winter 2018 regular season 1st place

LCD Winter 2018 playoffs 2nd place

LCD Spring 2019 regular season 1st place

LCD Spring 2019 playoffs 2nd place

LCD Summer 2019 regular season 2nd place

LCD Summer 2019 playoffs 2nd place

DEL Season 3 2nd place

Nordic Championship Summer 2019 playoffs 3rd/4th