Director of Esports, Daniel Vorborg

After a long hiatus in the CS:GO scene, we are finally ready to return with a new roster. As Copenhagen Flames as grown as an esports club, both financially and as a brand, reentering the Counter-Strike scene has made more and more sense to us.

We wanted to create a roster that, in due time, can challenge for a spot among the top 30 teams in the world. We didn’t feel like any established teams on the market checked all our boxes, and as such we wanted to create a new roster. The plan was to create a mix of proven talent/personnel that know what it takes to make it, and fresh talent that under the right conditions will be able to flourish. And with the roster we can announce today, we feel like we’ve hit that mark extremely well.

We’ve acquired Dennis “sycrone” Nielsen for the in-game leader role. He is a player that has been around top 30 on the hltv list, and knows what it requires for a team to make it there. He has already impressed us with his leadership and drive. A drive that is contagious to the rest of his teammates. We are extremely happy that a player with the resume of sycrone will be joining Flames, and we think it shows the rapid development we are in as an esports club.

Joining sycrone as his right hand will be Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen, who has formerly been the in-game leader for other strong danish teams. On our roster he will be taking on the support role, helping sycrone guiding the troops, and setting the team up for success.

Former teammate of HooXi, Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen will be joining us as one of the riflers. roeJ has been through an incredible development over the last year, and has proven he is one of the most deadly up-and-coming danish players in the scene. We cannot wait to see what he will accomplish under the Flames banner.

Taking up the last rifle will be Sebastian “Basso” Aagaard, who has been seen as one of the big danish talents for a while. Having been targeted by many bigger esport clubs in the past, we are very pleased to have Basso continue his career with Copenhagen Flames. We believe that under our infrastructure, Basso will flourish into a player with a high international level.

Last man on the roster will be Asger “farlig” Jensen, picking up the AWP. Having been on several sub-top danish lineups, for smaller periods of time, farlig has shown great potential. For a player with his limited experience, he has already shown us that he is the task mature. His AWP skills certainly lives up to his name, which translates into “dangerous”.

This project is seen as a long-term project, and while our ambition is to break into the top 30 on the hltv rankings, we know this will take time. For now the goal is to improve together as a team, and as long as we keep achieving that goal, we will get the results in time.
We cannot wait to embark on this journey with all our fans, as we are sure this roster will provide some epic moments for us all to share and cherish together.


CEO, Steffen Thomsen

I’m very excited about our rebranding which has been in the works for the past couple of months. We’ve been working tirelessly alongside Artchers to create the best possible logo which represent the kind of esports club that we are. We wanted a cleaner and sharper look as we are entering a new Flames era, where the “Flame” is a bigger part of the overall look. We are on the verge of becoming an international esport force and our logo should represent that fact. Not only to our fans and other esport enthusiasts but also current and future partners. #BurningBrighter is a way of telling that story as well.

The monogram was equally important as we are very aware of the city we were founded in and to represent the Capital of Denmark in the best possible way. We are proud to represent Copenhagen, and our hometown will be an integral and important part of our future branding and visulization.

I really hope our fans will enjoy our new look, and especially our new jersey who I sincerely believe is the coolest one around. Sportyfied has been an absolute joy to work with throughout this process and the Artchers design is unique and alluring. I really look forward to seing these jerseys worn by our players and fans, and they will surely stand out at any LAN event.

This is Flames 2.0 and we are not even done this year. Stay tuned….