Flames CS:GO in 2022

Head of Esports, Daniel Vorborg, reflects on the developments and future of our Counter-Strike roster. 

I’m writing this message today because we want to share our plans for our men’s CS:GO division for 2022. It’s been an incredibly hectic period since the Major, with a lot of interest,  opportunity, and negotiations surrounding our roster.

From the start; the players and I had open and honest conversations about the possibilities they had in front of them. Although we’re all happy to work together; there are some opportunities that we cannot offer in Copenhagen Flames, such as franchise slots and big salaries. We then had a talk with the team – discussing what sort of offers it would take for it to be interesting to the players. We then worked towards seeing if there were any better options for the players than Copenhagen Flames. After two months of talking and negotiating with several parties; we’ve found that the best available option for all of us is to stick together for 2022.

Now I know, with all of the rumors, that some of you will think that is a solution we are unhappy with. But I can tell you that that is not the case. For Copenhagen Flames as a club; we stated with the signing of this roster that we were changing our strategy. We want to keep our best players for longer and cement our position towards the top of CS:GO. We’ve achieved much more, much faster than we could have ever imagined with this roster, and as such we’re extremely pleased to continue with the team.

The players have also played their best CS:GO ever, here in our club, and have a great relation to the club. I asked Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen to share his thoughts on staying with us, and he added the following:

“After months of uncertainty, I’m happy that we finally went with staying in Flames for the next season. 

We might not get the big bucks and the league spots, but we get a feeling of security and room to develop that no other big organization can provide. We have been open for offers in case the perfect opportunity should present itself for us, but that was not the case and we’re not leaving Flames for less than that.”

The period of time after the Major has not been optimal in terms of the results we’ve delivered, but as I also explained in a Twitlonger; the conditions the team had to perform under were bad. With both Pita leaving, the players having to spend a lot of energy on deciding their future, and myself having other obligations; there has not been a lot of resources to help the team and not the required calm around the team for them to focus 100%.

Heading into 2022, all of this will be settled, and my full undivided focus will be makin sure our team has the best possible setup around them. We have some great opportunities ahead of us, like playing at IEM Katowice, and we will do everything in our power to have a great showing at that event.
We accomplished so much in our first season together and we can’t wait to show you what we can achieve with more time!