Flames x BC Hospitality

Copenhagen Flames announce their partnership with BC Hospitality

”The partnership with Copenhagen Flames is an expression of BC Hospitality Group’s wish to take an active role in Danish and international e-sports and gaming. We see a high level of synergy between BC Hospitality Group’s mission “hosting moments that matter” and Copenhagen Flame’s network and global ambitions, and we look forward to welcoming and creating the perfect setting for pro-teams and gamers from around the world. Copenhagen Flames is a strong and innovative strategic partner and a professional player with an international outlook, and we look forward to a close collaboration and an exciting new partnership”.

Eva Lundgren, Group Marketing Director, BC Hospitality Group

“Our new partnership with BC Hospitality Group is an expression of our brand reaching further by the fact that we can attract brands from partners in new industries. BC Hospitality Group has previously been involved with esports events like BLAST, and with their strong knowledge of hospitality and service we will strengthen our club to deliver world-class facilitites for our teams when bootcamping. At the same time; we will create the framework for bootcamps on a very high level ready to be utilized by international and Danish esports teams. We have already realized this with succes before and look forward to welcoming even more teams in the future.”

Steffen Thomsen, CEO, Copenhagen Flames