Welcome to Flames 3.0

It’s finally time to reveal the newest iteration of Flames CS:GO.

Steffen Thomsen, CEO, explains the thoughts behind our new line-up and system behind: 

I’m extremely pleased with our Flames 3.0 lineup which holds a lot of potential and is a continuation of our upward trajectory in the CS:GO scene. 

Since our two Major participations we have considered how to continue from here. A key factor was whether or not we wanted to be in contention straight away to qualify for the next Major this year – by signing an established lineup – or if we wanted to build a squad ourselves with more long term potential. We settled on the latter as we wanted to make some changes to the setup around the team as well as introduce a more holistic approach where the players and staff could grow and develop our how-to’s and principles together. 

With this group of players we made sure that they were all onboard with this approach and were motivated to work in this way. Going forward our CS:GO division will add staff to areas like performance, data, health, science, and tech. With strategic partnerships our aim is to be among the world leaders in these areas and to create a program and environment where players will improve day in and day out regardless of their tasks and role. 

We have proven that we are among if not the best club in terms of developing players with more than 15 transfers the past 2 years. Our goal is to retain our players for even longer periods of time to take advantage of our new resources and setup, which in turn will solidify our status among the best CS:GO clubs and to achieve even more. 

We know our place in the CS:GO ecosystem and attractive players will be sold, but we want to reach a point where we can turn down offers and have players wanting to stay longer. We want fans of our club to build relationships with the players and vice versa. With the changes mentioned and a stronger financial ability than ever, we hope to be able to do just that going forward.

Without further ado – we’d like to introduce our new CS:GO roster, with introductions by Head of Esports Philip “tekzinz” Karsbøl.


Thomas Due-Frederiksen

“The first part of the puzzle was to pick our new IGL. I’m extremely pleased that we were able to get our number one choice in birdfromsky, who will lead our ranks in the upcoming RMR qualifiers and beyond. His results in the past year with ECSTATIC speak for themselves and I’m sure that he is the right guy for the job to lead Flames 3.0 because of his experience and innovative approach to the game.”


Iulian Harjău

“As the AWP’er we’ve decided to pick regali who is joining on a transfer from fnatic Rising. He is regarded by many as one of the brightest AWP talents on the scene. We are delighted to have him join our ranks and I’m confident that we can shape into becoming a top player in his role. Iulian has been living in Denmark for six years, and we are happy to finally bring him into his first Danish team.”


Rasmus Steensborg

“raalz is joining our ranks from Sprout who – with him as an IGL – managed to break into the top 20 in the HLTV world rankings under his leadership. Now he will be birdfromsky’s right-hand man. Before entering the world of IGL’ing he has been a reliable fragger, bringing consistency and firepower into every game.  I’m happy that we’ve managed to land a player of his status and experience.”


Thomas Bundsbæk

“I have previously had the pleasure of working with TMB when I was Head Coach of Copenhagen Flames in 2019, and he was one of the first players we looked at when creating the new lineup for Flames 3.0. Thomas is bringing a lot of firepower and leadership to the team while only being 20 years old. I’m confident that TMB has the potential to become a top rifle player and that he will be a vital part of this team’s success.”


Johannes Borup

“b0RUP is, despite many years of competing at the top level, still young and we believe that we with this project can bring him back into the level where he deserves to be and belongs. Johannes brings a lot of experience from teams such as Heroic and MAD Lions, but despite his experience he is an incredibly humble and likeable guy that brings huge amounts of energy and good mood to the team.”


Benjamin Stabell

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with cube for several years which has grown into a friendship. He is a hardworking coach and is extremely good at creating an environment where his players have the best prerequisites to grow and succeed. He has done a great job in fnatic Rising where he worked with young and talented players such as regali. I really look forward to working with cube yet again.”

About the team, tekzinz adds: 

I’m really looking forward to seeing this team in action. The mixture of experience and talent that we have managed to bring together in this team is really exciting. This is a brand new project with new players and new staff members which means that we start from scratch. Even though we know that this is a process that takes time we aim to break into the HLTV top30 world ranking as soon as possible through hard work and dedication.We hope to bring some thrilling Counter-Strike which you will be able to witness for the first time in the upcoming RMR qualifiers.