We offer unique team building events where you and your team will both learn about esports, working as a team in a challenging environment and the economy of esports

When competing in esports consistent, exact and quick communication is imperative for success. You’ll learn how to assess and act on upon different scenarios during gameplay and how to go about them as a team. Playing League of Legends requires knowledge of both macro – and micro management and you’ll have to discern how to yourselves. 

Our Head of Esport, Daniel Vorborg has worked with some of the largest esport clubs in the world, and he will explain the do’s and don’ts of professional level gameplay. Our CEO, Steffen Thomsen, shares his view on esport economics and how to run a esport club professionally. 


We do both small and large scale events, from organising, producing and streaming live tournaments to various small scale events in shops, warehouses or at your company

If you want to arrange a fun event after work, why not play Fornite against and with some of Denmarks best players? We’ll come to you with both the setup and players. Want to attract more customers in your shop or warehouse? Why not do it through an esports event where your customers can participate and win prizes? Are you looking for more of an online presence? We will organise, plan and stream a tournament for you on pretty much any platform. whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch or your website.


Cross Border Esport

Hearthstone and League of Legends tournament both on- and offline.

Danish Hearthstone Championship

Online qualifier, offline finals at Elgiganten Glostrup.

League of Legends Scouting Grounds

Online qualifier, offline main event at Copenhagen Games

FIFA Elgiganten Tour
Stream Production

Offline event at various locations


Want to know more about esports, the different games, the ecosystem the clubs and players behind it all? Our CEO, Steffen Thomsen, shares his experience from both working as Brand Manager for the esports betting brand eOddset, as well as from his time so far as CEO. Esports are vastly different from any other sports both in terms of the ecosystem and the way athletes and teams work. Learn about the beginning, why it’s so popular and how Copenhagen Flames came to where we are now. The insight could become very valuable as you look to invest or engage in esports in the future. 


We offer top of the line PC setups, fibre, and room perfectly suited for you bootcamping needs. Located in the center of Copenhagen our offices are a 2-minute walk from the Kongens Nytorv metro station, 10-15 minute walk to Nørreport and the Central Station. Here you’ll find anything you need both for gaming and leisure

Likewise we offer discount prizes at various hotels. If you book a bootcamp and need to stay at a hotel, hostel or B&B we will make the booking for you, ensuring the best stay possible as well as tailoring it to your need. 

If you are looking for more, you can book a 2-hour lecture from our Head of Esports, Daniel Vorborg as part of your bootcamp and learn everything you need to know about being a professional esport athlete. From sleep patterns, diet and how to work as team.


Feel free to contact us with any other ideas – we can tailor an offer to suit exactly your needs.