ERIK Moves from Fortnite Academy to Pro Roster

Fortnite Head Coach Mikkel “Krigsmikkel” Rasmussen reflects on ERIK’s path to pro.

Our journey with ERIK is simply fantastic. We picked him up for our academy back in the summer of 2020 after noticing him with performing decently in the Solo Invitational FNCS. From that point, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a big talent, and ERIK kept showing us how much he wanted to work hard to reach the top.

Working with ERIK throughout the last year has really been a pleasure and he is still improving every season. He’s joy to work with and moving him from our academy roster to our pro roster is a natural step along the way. The whole idea with our academy is to shape and develop young talents like ERIK so they one day can join our pro roster. ERIK is a prime example of how this should be done – with hard work and dedication. Going from being a unknown young Danish player to an established top 20 name in Denmark with big platforms both on Twitter and Twitch is amazing. I can’t wait to continue working with ERIK and follow his development in both the Danish and international competitive Fortnite scene