CS:GO Roster Update

May 4th, 2021

Today we have a bit of sad news, as we announce that Marcus ‘maNkz’ Kjeldsen will be benched from the starting roster moving forward. Director of Esports Daniel Vorborg explains how he and coach Daniel ‘djL’ Narancic arrived at this decision:

“It’s with a heavy heart we’ve made the decision to place Marcus on the bench. I truly do believe that Marcus can become a top tier player but it was hard for him to evolve in that direction in the system we had.

We’ve had some underlying issues within the team that have slowly gotten worse and worse – affecting the performance of our players. I take full responsibility for these issues not being identified and fixed way earlier as they should have been. While I do believe we have identified both the issues and the solutions; sometimes it can be incredibly hard to restore the faith, trust and good energy in a team.

We felt the team needed to shake things up and get a fresh start.

We have had an incredibly tough time, underperforming the past 7 weeks or so, but especially hitting new lows in our performance the past week.
However; we are under no illusion that Marcus was the sole cause of this performance and we will need to do a lot of things differently moving forward, starting with myself and Daniel Narancic’s abilities to help the team grow in an efficient and healthy way.

As of right now, we do not have a replacement ready but are working on identifying the right fit for us. We will update everyone as soon as we can.”

maNkz transfer to Lyngby Vikings

May 7th, 2021

We never believed Marcus would be on the bench for long and we were right. We have agreed on a transfer with Lyngby Vikings, effective immediately. 

We’re happy to see Marcus move on and wish him and the boys from Lyngby Vikings the best of luck in the future – we’ll see you on the server.