CS:GO Roster sold to x6tence

Daniel Vorborg, Director of Esports, announces the sale of our CS:GO roster to x6tence.

A wild ride has come to its end. In October 2018; we could announce our return to CS:GO with the announcement of Sycrone, farlig, Basso, HooXi and roeJ. For me, everything since has been one continuous journey, especially since I started working full time with the team around January-February ‘19. It took us a while to get the ball rolling but when we did, we established ourselves as the “big fish in the small pond”, and number five in Denmark for the longest time. Since we pulled in AcilioN and TeSeS we truly started challenging upwards towards the established top 4 in Denmark and continued to do so, even through selling a lot of our most profiled players.

There has been a ton of memorable moments for me personally: all our international LAN events, Road to Rio, the sheer willpower and work ethic put in by the players day in and day out. But one does stand out the most.
Qualifying for the Minor, beating Heroic in the process, is at the top of that list. The pure joy echoing through our teamspeak as we won that series was amazing, and something I hope to experience again – preferably on LAN. 

Daniel Vorborg

Director of Esports

So why do we sell the entire roster then?
One of the obvious reasons is of course the financial upside. Our goal has been to break even by 2021 the latest, but now we are on course to do so here in 2020.
It also made sense for our players. There is a financial upside for them, moving to a bigger and more established club like the x6tence/Giants family, while also making it less likely for their teammates to constantly be bought out. Hopefully, this will give the players the breathing room they need as a team to be able to take the next step.
This move also provides myself with some breathing room, as we are not in a rush to complete a new lineup. With the player break coming up this gives me the opportunity to focus on other projects we are starting in Copenhagen Flames.

For me, this is chapter 2 of CS:GO in Copenhagen Flames coming to an end, and I’d like to thank everyone involved. You have all played a tremendous part in taking Copenhagen Flames to what it is today.
Sycrone, farlig, Basso, HooXi, roeJ, Console, AcilioN, Nodios, TMB, TeSeS, refrezh, Queenix, HECTOz, Tekzinz and zEVES.

We’ve been through an amazing journey and transformation in Copenhagen Flames since October ‘18 and a lot of it has been on the back of your efforts – for that we will always be grateful to all of you.

13 players total has been a part of this journey, 10 of them ended in sales, 9 to bigger clubs. This is something we are immensely proud of. We will continue to strive towards being an amazing place to develop as a player and get ready to take the next steps in your career.
As such, this is not the end for CS:GO in Copenhagen Flames. We will look to rebuild and create another strong roster that will rise towards the top of Danish CS:GO.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3. 👀