Changes to our female CS:GO roster

Daniel Vorborg, Head of Esports

It is with mixed feelings that we today can announce changes to our female CS:GO roster.
The changes come as a result of us being unable to find and field five individuals with similar skill and time to put into the project.

As a result, we will say goodbye to two great players in Lina and Tilde “7licious”, who have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Both of them came into the project with a ton of energy and a lot of hard work, and they instantly drove the project in the right direction. Sadly; as we needed to find a new fifth after the departure of Jenny, we could not find a suitable solution for all parties involved.

I feel certain that both of them will find success in whatever they choose to pursue next.

We will be keeping long standing members in Anna “ramziiN” and Josefine and are committed to help them grow as much as possible as players.
As they do not currently have a full roster to compete on; Anna and Josefine will follow the practice of our male roster as much as possible to soak in the knowledge and experience of a top 15 team in the world.

We believe that part of the reason for why the female scene is still far behind the male scene is that there are limited opportunities to learn from individuals that are experienced at a higher level. With this setup, we will be able to provide Anna and Josefine with an unique opportunity to develop as players.

For now, this will be the setup at least for this year and we will reevaluate the roster situation for Anna and Josefine moving forward and into 2022.