CS:GO Contract Extentions

Daniel Vorborg, Head of Esport and CS:GO coach.

Today we can announce the contract extension with Fredrik “roej” Jørgensen, Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen and Asger “farlig” Jensen. They’ve been with our club since October 2018 and we are thrilled to announce that they’ve signed up for another 12 months under our banners!

Asger “farlig” Jensen, the youngest player on the team, put a couple of words as to why he chose to extend his contract.
“I’ve decided to extend with Copenhagen Flames because I currently couldn’t see any other Danish esports club I’d rather represent. Steffen and Daniels passion for creating something bigger really shows in the way they run Flames. I’ve never had such a good setup around me as a player and under the Flames banner, it’s made sure that I only have to worry about playing the game.”

The team had their first taste of an international breakthrough in may, which you can read about HERE, and Asger “farlig” Jensen continues his statement with:
“By extending my contract, I hope that we can continue the great development we currently have, because I know the people in Flames will do anything to help the team. In this club, we will for sure have everything we need to become great!”

Fellow teammate Fredrik “roej” Jørgensen is also excited about the extension, and adds:
“I’m really grateful that I have the opportunity to extend my contract with Copenhagen Flames. The 8 months I’ve spent with Flames have truly been a joy.

It’s really great to be part of a team that shares the same thoughts and visions, both in- and outside of the game.
Steffen, Vorborg and the entire team behind Flames are doing an amazing job, which I think they can be proud of. There is a big amount of trust, and you can really feel that they want the best for their players. And I think that’s an unique attribute to have a club. Because of that I’m proud to be able to represent and work with them for an even longer period of time”

The three players have been in the club for 8 months and while the first few months didn’t bear much fruit, Director of Esport and CS:GO coach Daniel Vorborg is excited for the future:
“With the extension of these three players; we secure a strong core for the next year, and a prime opportunity to continue the growth we’ve seen the last 4 months in the team. All three of them have grown a lot in their own way the last 8 months, and I’m really looking forward to see that development continue for the next year. Fredrik is an absolute beast when it comes to his dedication and willingness to put in the hours and the effort. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a player who is willing to go as far as him to secure success. Rasmus is also super dedicated to his craft, and devotes the vast majority of his time to CS:GO. Either playing or watching demos of other teams and opponents. Asger has been gifted by a special talent, everything just comes a little bit easier for him in regards to CS:GO. We saw him as a bit of a gamble when we picked him up initially, but that gamble has paid off big time. He grows more and more into his responsibilities in the team and I think anyone who has seen him play knows he has a great future ahead of him.”

While we have not extended the contracts of Sebastian “Basso” Aagaard and Mads “Console” Skovby there is a perfectly good reason for that as Daniel Vorborg explains:
“We’ve always told the players that we will discuss possible contract extensions when there are a couple of months left of their current contracts. Fredrik, Asger and Rasmus all had contracts expiring before those of Sebastian and Mads, which is why those talks naturally appeared earlier. We will have similar talks with Sebastian and Mads in the future when their contracts are closer to expiring.”

The team will be back in action tonight in the ESL New York Qualifier, so stay tuned on Twitter for updates on streams and results!