With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking the neccesary precautions to keep our employees, players, and club members safe.

Business (online) as usual

We closed our office on Friday the 13th to lessen risk through travel and working in close proximity. All Flames employees will work from home until further notice.


Our academy lessons will be done from home where our coaches Mikkel Rasmussen and Vicky Dose will be tutoring our academy members online.


Our upcoming bootcamp during Easter is not cancelled at this time, we will update it as the situation unfolds and we get closer to the starting date.

CS:GO at Flashpoint

Following the recent escalation of containment measures and advice regarding COVID-19 from the Danish government; we have discussed the situation with both the authorities, our lawyers, Flashpoint, and the players. We have come to the conclusion that the team and our Head of Esports Daniel Vorborg will stay in Los Angeles to compete at the event for now. Flashpoint are doing everything in their power to ensure player and staff safety as well as measures to help and assist in any given situation regarding our stay for the duration of the tournament. Our players want to stay and are doing their utmost to avoid infection. Just as they would do back home in Denmark.
This is a difficult situation for everyone and we will closely monitor the development of measures and safety advice from the American government as well as the Danish. As such, we have informed our players as well as Flashpoint that we will bring the team home at any time if we wish to do so.
For any questions regarding this statement, please contact me at
– Steffen Thomsen, CEO