Rocket League

An introduction to our new Rocket League team by coach and manager Lasse “Fuzz” Geugjes.

We’re definitely a team that has a lot to prove – even if it is Maestro, previous RLCS World champion; Pwndx, previous RLCS player; and Waffle, finalist in the Gfinity Elite Series and substitute for We Dem Girlz in RLCS season 4. These are 3 players that are each individually known in the Rocket League community and that’s exactly why there is natural pressure on us right from the birth of the team. This team was created out of nothing – the boys wanted to play the YouSee League together and the timing fit well with Flames, where we have been looking to expand since our exit from League of Legends.

We only had 5 days to get all the practicalities in place with contracts and everything else, but this line-up was too good for us to pass up and we made it work. Now we’re looking forward to getting off the ground and prove – not only to Denmark, but internationally – that we have a dangerous team that can stand its own against the best teams in Europe and the World.
To start, it’s only 100 % that we’re participating in the YouSee League. All other tournaments will be evaluated on a running basis – and we will probably be signing up for more as we go.

In the YouSee League, it’s our clear ambition to take the win. Though there are a couple of strong teams in Denmark at the moment; anything but winning it all would be suboptimal for us. That’s where our focus will be in the coming time – to dominate where we can and leave no doubt that we are a team you cannot just easily beat.

Follow the boys in their YouSee league run every Tuesday at 19:00 CET!