You’ve just come home from your first international lan event ever, what was the experience like overall?
The experience can’t be described, not in words atleast. The closest i will get to describe it is unbelievable. We had so much fun and it was such an incredible experience. I’m practically speechless.

The tournament was stacked all around, but you get placed in a group with Ghost and Method, two teams who participated in the semifinal and final at the World Championships. What were your thoughts when you saw the group draw?
My first initial thought of the group was: “Oh no”. But then i talked with the team about it, and we realised it was actually doable. Ghost is a very patient team and our biggest problem is when we get beaten to the ball. So we thought that it wasn’t actually the worst draw. Method is such a strong team, but a team we always had close series with. So we strongly believed it was doable with a good mindset, but we also knew it required everything we had.

First game was off stage vs. Ghost, and you guys manage to take the series 2-1. Can you take us through how that series went, and how you felt throughout?
That series was so nervewrecking. We knew we had to get the pressure, and play really fast from the kick-off. We gave it everything we had and we managed to beat them to the ball and force them into errors which lead to the win. Also we punished their patient playstyle in the best way possible. Throughout the series my heart was racing, as it was such an intense series. Ghost was clearly surprised by our speed and our performance, but they still played fantastic. After each goal we shouted extremely loud, because we were so happy, which gave us a crowd of pro-players behind us who were watching. For me that gave me even more energy and power to push for the win. After the game I was so happy, I don’t even know how to describe it other than pure happiness.

Then another game off stage, this time around vs. Method. They take it 0-2. What do you think is the difference between you and a team like Method at the moment?
The difference is really their pace. I mentioned earlier that if we get beaten to the ball we struggle quite a bit. Which makes sense since if you can’t touch the ball, they get the ball possesion. Some teams overextend because they just wan to be fast. But Method are so good at not over committing and still playing unbelieveably fast. They always have a player where they need him. We have to work on our speed, pace and positioning to match a team of that tier.

Then you got your stage game. Rematch vs. Ghost, this time around an elimination match. You got off to a shaky start – was it because of stage jitters?
When we got on stage I actually didn’t feel nervous. At Danish lans where nobody is watcing I feel so nervous. But on this big stage I felt at home, I was smiling at the camera waving and joking quite a bit. I didnt feel like the stage really affected me, only in the last 30 seconds of the last match since we had to score a goal. I think we just got surprised about their speed because it was like playing a whole new Ghost team.

How did you feel coming so close to advancing from groups?
I was really proud of us. We beat Ghost who lost to PSG who ended up winning the whole thing. But we beat them, and could have beaten them again if we got a better first minute of the game. There were no real pressure on us to advance since we had such a difficult group. But I felt like the group system could have been better, since our first match against Ghost didn’t affect the rest of the group play. But we were all super happy with our performance!

Moving forward, the big goal for your team is to qualify for the Rivals series – how do you feel this event helped you towards that goal?
As a team, we definitely found out we could compete with the very best in the world. We learned how to play on a bigger stage and we learned a lot about eachother as teammates. It gave me personally a boost to compete and grind even more. I want to go to those kind of events consistently, and beat the pro team or atleast push into RLCS. And I’m sure we as a team can manage that.