Yesterday we made our Overwatch Contenders debut against Young & Beautiful in emphatic fashion!

Coming in to the games we were favourites by a small margin as all of the Contenders teams are considered strong with explosive players capable of turning any map to their favour, Young & Beautiful were no exception especially with our former DPS, Spoxez, in the lineup. After a nervous start we took control of the of first map and started feeling more and more comfortable. The tanks and supports made sure both naGGa and PoPiFresh had plenty of room and it showed throughout.

Our teamplay became better and better, and most the mistakes weu2019ve seen when scrimming were nowhere to be seen. Everyone was in sync which allowed each player to reach a high level of play. Ilios, Hollywood, Hanamura and Junkertown all finished in favor of us showing of our flexibility, hero-pool and composition variety.

In the end we could not be stopped and took home a convincing victory by 4-0. Which means we are now top of the table of group b:

This Sunday we face Eagle Gaming, which is sure to be a very tough matchup. The french team beat the promising lineup of CIS Hope, and we need to be even better to have any hope of victory. We believe though as the team works harder than anyone, pushed hard by their team manager Kiyow.

Thank you again for all the amazing support. Itu2019s been a real pleasure and we and the players appreciate it very much!