2020 Roster Updates

As we move into 2020; we have a couple of changes to our roster of teams.


Unfortunately we are unable to extend the contracts of our professional female CS:GO team. We wish to invest in and strengthen our academy and to build a full Danish female squad of young players through the coming years, and sadly the cost of running two professional CS:GO teams are too high at the moment. We have been very happy with the team who has done very well for us during the past 6 months. Qualifying for both the WESG main tournament and the Girl Gamer Festival finals in Dubai were huge achievements and we’re proud to have been part of the girls’s journey. All of them have been great to work with and to get to know. We wish them all well in their future endeavours and thank them for their hard work, commitment, and great results.

Rocket League

We have chosen not to extend the contracts of our Rocket League team as the team will split ways and we will focus on our core esport titles CS:GO and Fortnite. We were very happy with the team, who performed at a high level in the YouSee league and wish them all the best going forward. Rocket League is a game which is very dear to us and in time we hope to compete in this action-packed and exciting title again.