Scouting Grounds

It is time once again for the Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds! This time around it is for all of Europe, and the best of the best talents and free agents will battle it out, and prove their worth to fellow players, fans and potential future teams. Copenhagen Flames are providing a platform for hopeful talents to showcase their skill, tell their story and for fans to enjoy some big plays and scout out the up and coming player mass in the European countries.


Only players with a rank of Master or Challenger will be considered for the event. And this time around, we will not only have new talents, but we’ll also be able to present players that have been in the scene for some time, looking to prove that they still have what it takes! As some of the new and up and coming talents will join the event, it will be interesting to watch who will end out on top; The fresh blood, or the experienced players who have once before proved they have what it takes to play professionally.

On December 15-17 we will be live streaming the whole event on FlamesTVThe players will be mixed around on different teams, so they get the chance to show their capabilities with different teammates. On Friday and Saturday a total of 15 players will be battling it out, 3 in each role. After the games on Saturday the two best players in each position will be chosen, and move on to the games on Sunday. Sunday will then be a best-of-five showdown, between two set teams.
The players moving on to Sunday will be selected by two coaches, who will be announced at a later date.

Some players are already qualified for the event, as they won the MVP award in their respective role in the Nordic Scouting Grounds, earlier this year. One of them, Jesper “Jesklaa” Klarin, won’t be able to attend though, as he is going to the LVP Finals in Spain. This means we will be accepting three ADC players, but only two in the remaining four roles.
The prequalified players are:

Toplane: Finn “Blomster Finn” Wiestål

Jungle: Dennis “Obvious” Sørensen

Mid: Marcus “xPriskornet” Priskornet

Support: August “Quixeth” Nyheim

They beat out the likes of Wendelbo and Godbro to make it to this stage, but now they need to show if they have what it takes to battle it out against the best of talents and free agents of Europe.

You can read more about the Nordic Qualified players, and the rest of the confirmed players RIGHT HERE

More information regarding the event will soon follow here on this website, together with a full list of accepted participants.