On this page we will update the list of participants for the European Scouting Grounds this December.



Finn “Blomster Finn” Wiestål
Finn is an 18 year old top lane talent out of Sweden. He has gotten a chance on well known teams like Millenium, and latest on Tricked playing in the CBE tournament. Now he is looking to prove to potential future teammates and organization that he is worth betting on! Finn has been fairly high up in challenger for a while, and is especially known for his Kled play.
You can see some of his plays from the Nordic Event RIGHT HERE

Pavle “Yoppa” Kostić
19 years old from Serbia, with experience from the spanish league. That would be the short introduction of Pavle, but if you ask him to describe himself as a player, you’ll find a guy who prides himself on his mechanical play. According to himself, his mechanics are his greatest strength, followed up by a strong laning phase and good communication. As the regional league grow, with the absence of the Challenger Series, Pavle will look to claim a spot as one of the best regional top laners.

Rafael “Doxy” Zarabi
Rafael hails from Denmark, and while there has been Nordic Scouting Grounds, this one will be his first with Copenhagen Flames. Rafael however did compete in the Scouting Grounds held by Schalke04. The Schalke04 Scouting Grounds showed mixed performances from Rafael, but with more experience under his belt, playingfor, he’ll look to show that he is more of a complete player this time around!


Dennis “Obvious” Sørensen
Dennis has been playing professional League of Legends since 2014, and have played for several big organizations and teams. Amongst them can be found: SK Gaming, Gamers2, Team Dignitas and EnemyGG. While he has been around in the Challenger scene for a long time, he has never had the chance to play in the LCS – despite having qualified for LCS with Dignitas EU.
Now Dennis is looking to prove he still has what it takes, as he takes on the competition in the European Scouting Grounds!
You can catch how Dennis got known for shutting down toplaners in our last Scouting Grounds RIGHT HERE

Arttu “Taikki” Sirkka
Arttu is one of the older players in the Scouting Grounds, with his 23 years of age. He has also been playing in the scene for a while, although he has been held in high regard in the challenger circuit, he has yet to catch his big break. Arttu is especially known for his ability to communicate and shotcall, while playing his odd ball picks. He was one of the first adapters of Camille jungle, while he also played a fair bit of champions like Warwick and Evelynn, eventhough other junglers shied away from such picks. We are looking forward to see what crazy picks Arttu will bring to the Scouting Grounds!

Kacper “Inspired” Słoma
Kacper is one of the young guns of the Scouting Grounds, and he’ll be going through a trial by fire, playing against the two other veterans. Kacper is only 15 years old, but holds the rank of challenger. As many young and new junglers, Kacper highlights his mechanics as his biggest strength, together with the early game. Previously young junglers, with limited experience, has had a rough time shining in the Scouting Grounds, but it will be exciting to see if Kacper has what it takes to break through.


Marcus “xPriskornet” Priskornet
xPriskornet is the only player that can boast the feat, of participating in all three Scouting Grounds held by Copenhagen Flames. He has landed himself with Danish team Tricked, on their academy lineup, living and practicing with his team. xPriskornet has bigger ambitions than being on an academy team though, and is looking to prove, once again, that he is a quality mid laner worth betting on.
He is known for his Taliyah in solo queue, but in the Nordic Scouting Grounds, he shined especially on Orianna.

Michal “Zoiren” Zíka
Michal is 19 years old, and is a resident of the Czech Republic. Michael has been around in the high elo’s for a while, and has played on different teams. Among others, he had a stint with Gambit. Michal’s biggest strengths are his mechanical play, and his ability to play the late game scenarios, such as teamfights. This is all while having a good enough laning phase, so that he can get to these stages of the game.

Ernesto “Siler” Castañeda
20 year old Spanish midlaner, with experience from playing with G2Vodafone. Unlike the two other midlaners in the Scouting Grounds, who would highlight their ability to play the later stages of the game, Ernesto is more aggressive, and wants to dominate the early part of the game. His laning phase and mechanics are his biggest strengths, and he’ll look to abuse his opposition right from the get-go.


Paweł “Woolite” Pruski
Woolite has been around in the professional scene for a long time, and has experience playing in the LCS aswell. He has especially been hailed for his good mechanics, and his great laning phase. However he was sometimes criticised especially for his positioning. With more experience under his belt, Woolite is aiming to prove that he is now a more complete player, and a franchise ADC to bet on.

Ludvig “XDSMILEY” Granquist
Ludvig was the last person to join the lineup for the European Scouting Grounds, as he replaced Freeze who had to cancel participating. Ludvig started making a name for himself, especially in the UK scene, with MnM Gaming – and his since also taken on the Spanish League with first Baskonia and then KIYF.
His strenghts lies in his laning phase, and his mechanical ability to outplay his opponents.

Sander “Kitty” Everink
Sander has bounced around a lot, with short stints on different teams. One of the teams he has been on, on many different occasions, is Mysterious Monkeys in the German league. He was recently replaced by Yuuki, as the team headed into the playoff phase. On his former team, Singularity, he was heading into the EUCS qualificatons, but was then replaced by his team with P1noy/Krislund.
Sander is still trying to make his mark, and the European Scouting Grounds is a perfect opportunity for him to do so!


August “Quixeth” Nyheim
August was part of the Wind and Rain miracle run through the EU Challenger Series Qualifier, surprising everyone and making it through. Once the lineup qualified, they were picked up by Spanish fan favorite “Origen”. August played the EU Challenger Series split with Origen, but sadly didn’t have the amount of success he and his teammates would have wanted to. They relegated from Challenger Series, and August has since found himself joining Arctic Gaming in Spain.

Joao “Joo” Pereira
Portugese support player, with experience from major spanish side: Giants. Joao is 21 years old, and sees himself as a support player that does the best in the later stages of the game. His strengths are his communication, playing out the late game scenarios and his versatility – his ability to play several different styles of support. It will be exciting to see, if Joo can impact his teams with his shotcalling, as his teammates will be mixed every game for the first twodays.

Patryk “Mystiques” Piórkowski
Patryk is from Poland, and is 20 years old. Patryk especially prides himself on his ability to communicate, but also on the fact that he can play many different style of supports. Throughout season 7 on his solo solo queue acccount, he maintained either a 3+ KDA or 60% win rate, on all of his 15 most played support champions – proving his ability to be proficient with many different champions.