On this page we will update the list of participants for the Nordic Scouting Grounds this September.



Finn “Blomster Finn” Wiestål
Blomster Finn is an 18 year old top lane talent out of Sweden. He has gotten a chance on well known teams like Millenium, and latest on Tricked playing in the CBE tournament. Now he is looking to prove to potential future teammates and organization that he is worth betting on! Blomster Finn has been fairly high up in challenger for a while, and is especially known for his Kled play, on which he has 69% win ratio over 81 games, and over 3.0 KDA.

Christian “Sleeping” Tiensuu
Sleeping has been around in the challenger scene for a long, long time. At first he was known for his Riven, but has since expanded his champion pool significantly. Sleeping got a shot in EU Challenger Series, as SK Gaming was looking for a new top laner. However the team was already struggling, and Sleeping didn’t get his big breakthrough while on SK Gaming. Sleeping is now playing in the French League, on ROG.

Asger “Regasa” Lauritzen
Regasa is the wildcard of this Nordic Scouting Grounds, and most likely also the player known to the fewest people. Regasa is the one player currently outside of Master or Challenger Tier, as he is sitting in Diamond 1, although he has a winrate of 69%. Regasa participated in the League of Legends summer school hosted by Copenhagen Flames and Daniel Vorborg, and has since then shot up through the solo queue ladder. Mechanically he is on point, and because of his rapid improvement over the last few months, he has received a shot at the Scouting Grounds.


Dennis “Obvious” Sørensen
Obvious has been playing professional League of Legends since 2014, and have played for several big organizations and teams. Amongst them can be found: SK Gaming, Gamers2, Team Dignitas and EnemyGG. While he has been around in the Challenger scene for a long time, he has never had the chance to play in the LCS – despite having qualified for LCS with Dignitas EU.
Now Obvious is looking to prove he still has what it takes, as he takes on the competition in the Scouting Grounds!

Magnus “Maxilol” Kristensen
Maxilol is returning to the Scouting Grounds for his 2nd time. The young jungler only competed in a few games last time around, but still managed to amaze the viewers of the event. Right after Scouting Grounds, Maxilol was also picked up by ATR in the German ESL. Maxilol and his team reached 2nd place in the ESL Meisterschaft, eventhough many predicted them to end the season in 3rd-5th. Now Maxilol has signed with the spanish side “KIYF”, but is looking to prove he has what it takes to mingle with the big boys in Scouting Grounds!

Kristian “Tynx” Hansen
Tynx is a 17 year old jungler from Denmark. He started his professional career out with playing for KIYF, and was there untill Jan ’17. For a while Tynx was then bouncing around a bit, being a substitute jungler for Origen, and having short stints with other organizations. Tynx then got a shot on Giants OTB, and had a good run with the team, untill he was replaced by Gilius. Now Tynx is looking for a new place to call home, and is participating in Scouting Grounds to prove himself.


Dan “Godbro” Vo
Godbro has been in the professional scene since the beginning. He started out in EULCS season 3, playing toplane for Copenhagen Wolves, but has since then moved into the midlane. His last big achievement was winning the EUCS back in Spring 2016, and has since then mainly been playing in Turkey for Crew and then Aurora. Godbro is known for his many accounts high up in challenger, and has a playstyle that heavily promote roaming, and assisting his teammates throughout all the stages of the game. It will be interesting to see if Godbro will get his hands on some of his signature champions like Ekko and Taliyah.

Marcus “xPriskornet” Priskornet
Another player returning from last Scouting Grounds, xPriskornet is looking to show that he can brawl with the big boys like Godbro. Since last Scouting Grounds, xPriskornet has landed himself with Danish team Tricked, on their academy lineup, living and practicing with his team. xPriskornet has bigger ambitions than being on an academy team though, and is looking to prove, once again, that he is a quality mid laner worth betting on.

Wilfred “Eden Fox” Ding
Eden Fox is one of the more unknown players moving into this Scouting Grounds, as he has never really played on a professional team. He is 17 years young, and is taking his first steps in his career with his participation in the event. Wilfred has a similar champion pool as the other mid laners, and it will be interesting to see if he can beat the more experienced players, using tools that they know all too well.


Viktor “Reje” Eriksen
Reje got his first real recognition playing the 2016 Spring Qualifier for EU Challenger Series, while under the Tricked banner. His team wasn’t expected to make it through by many, but Reje made them all doubt that. He got his hands on Lucian, and showed the world what he was capable off. While Tricked and Reje wasn’t able to make it into the EU Challenger Series, his performance got people talking. In the end, it ended up with Reje getting his shot at LCS, subbing in for an underperforming Vitality. His stint with Vitality didn’t amount to much, and Reje has since found himself on Tricked (again),  ATN and P3P. Now Reje is looking to show that he still has what it takes to be considered by the EU Challenger Series and LCS squads!

Jesper “Jesklaa” Klarin
Jesklaa is returning to the Scouting Grounds! And this time around, he is joining in with more experience in his backpack. Since the last time around, Jesklaa has finished 2nd in the German Championships “ESL Meisterschaft”, playing for ATR. Jesklaa is looking to take the next step in his career, and he is looking to use Scouting Grounds as a platform to move forward. Jesklaa is a very versatile adc, and can have an impact in every adc meta.

Adam “Emtest” Emtestam
Emtest is the oldest of the competing ad carries, with his 20 years of age. Emtest has been playing semi-professionally for almost two years now, playing in the german and turkish scenes. Emtest has been battling it out for Crew eSport, Planetkey Dynamics, Mysterious Monkeys, HWA Gaming and now ALTERNATE aTTaX. Being the ad carry that replaced Reje on ATN, it’s going to be interesting how the two players will be matching up versus each other.


Daniel “Wendelbo” Wendelbo
Wendelbo has been in the Challenger scene for a long time, despite him only being 18 years old. He has competed in the EU Challenger Series on Inspire esport, Denial esport and HUMA – with his team making it to playoffs every time. Since then, he has had a stint in the Turkish scene with Crew esport, tried qualifying for EU Challenger Series with Tricked, and ended up playing in the Russian challenger scene for “Dragon Army”. Wendelbo’s abilities far outshines the likes of the russian challenger scene, and Wendelbo is looking for the right chance to show that he can battle with the best supports in Europe.

Mads “Doss” Jensen
Doss is an 18 year old support player from Denmark, who has little to no experience playing on professional teams. He has climbed the solo queue ladder playing champions such as Janna, Thresh and Rakan. Being one of the fresh talents competing at Scouting Grounds, it will be interesting to see how he will stack up versus more experienced players.

August “Quixeth” Nyheim
Quixeth was part of the Wind and Rain miracle run through the EU Challenger Series Qualifier, surprising everyone and making it through. Once the lineup qualified, they were picked up by Spanish fan favorite “Origen”. Quixeth played the EU Challenger Series split with Origen, but sadly didn’t have the amount of success he and his teammates would have wanted to. They relegated from Challenger Series, and Quixeth has since found himself joining Arctic Gaming in Spain.