Copenhagen Flames was created by Steffen Thomsen in June 2016, who had a vision of creating a different kind of esports organisation. Where fans are as much part of the organisation as the players, managers and employees are.

Copenhagen Flames is home to competitive teams in Overwatch, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros 4 and Hearthstone. We also have a variety streamer for our esports and gaming channel, Flames TV. We try to stream all the tournaments we participate in on Flames TV!

Vision: We want to be the no. 1 organization in Denmark. Measured by fans, community and results. We will create a fan community – and culture like no other, a genuine feeling of being part of something. And not just part of, an important part of what we are trying to create. We think fans first in all our activities and look to engage anyone and everyone as we believe esports is for all to enjoy. It’s all about how you communicate and how you include instead of exclude.

We will be supporting the domestic scene in any way possible. By going to local LANs, doing events of our own and supporting the young domestic talents.

Values: Unity, diversity, equality. Regardless of age, gender, race, level or insight there is room for everyone.